Queens wharf

Today I put out a statement on the development of Queens Wharf for the Rugby World Cup:

Auckland needs to support temporary World Cup party central on Queen’s Wharf

Auckland needs to support the government’s proposal to build a temporary ‘party central’ on Queen’s Wharf for the Rugby World Cup, says Manukau Mayor Len Brown.

“We need to move ahead with preparations for the Rugby World Cup and get in place some great facilities. A temporary ‘party central’ venue need not be an overly expensive or elaborate facility, but is what is needed.

“Whether the existing sheds – hardly an architectural gem – remain or not should not be an issue. It seems odd for some to be demanding they remain when it wasn’t long ago they wanted to remove them to build a carbon-copy replica of the Sydney Opera House on the site.

“The bottom line is we need something which can be built quickly, will be fitting for the purpose, and will provide a central venue during the Rugby World Cup.

“Wider Auckland is keen to see something happen on Queen’s Wharf and will get behind something worthwhile. We need to end the bickering and divisiveness afflicting Auckland and get on with getting ready for the Rugby World Cup.

“Following the World Cup, the new Auckland Council needs to develop a comprehensive plan for the waterfront precinct which will include an appropriate and striking structure for Queen’s Wharf.”